Friday, 8 June 2012

Round 6: Poetry


I like noughts and crosses      hangman
played a lot of that with the kids
makes me a bit nostalgic      You don’t mind?
Only I don’t see them anymore
haven’t done for years      I still think of them
as kids      still      they’re grown up now
probably got kids of their own
I get a card from my eldest at xmas
it cracks me up      seeing her
handwriting      I blame the wife      don’t remember
hitting her      I joined that fathers’ group
clambered about on rooftops      a bit undignified
for a soldier      I’ve calmed down now      Needed to
I used to travel      a lot      Too much
Got up to some things I shouldn’t of
specially for a soldier      Word got around
In ’98 or maybe ’97      I passed out on parade    
dropped my gun      Everyone was kind     
For a while      I really tried      You believe me?
And then      there was the drink      Still is    
I’m not boring you?      Only I miss my mates     
in the guard      miss my kids      miss Janey
Did I tell you I had to go away for a bit?
I used to love that bearskin

Katrina Naomi


  1. I'd welcome any comments on this poem. Cheers, Katrina

    1. Dear Katrina,
      I'm so moved by this poem. It seems to hold something of the dishevelment of the punk era and its post modern aftermath: perhaps the maudlin anger echoes some of my own history?

  2. I will have to sit with this monologue for a while. I like the hints it gives of bad behavior, leaving our imagination to work harder. There is a feeling of isolation which is immediate. Something will surface over the weekend when I am away from the studio.
    Tim Ridley