Friday, 22 June 2012

Round 7: Art

Crocodile, pencil on paper, 21.5 cm by 30 cm June 2012


  1. I have made a drawing in response to katrina's poem. This isn't to signify the idea of crocodile tears. The process of drawing from photocopies is a primary driver for me, and this picture immediately attracted me. Maybe the smile is relevant as the character of the ex-soldier, ex-husband the possible danger lurking in shallow water, still has a cheeky grin on his face. I am sure Katrina can move this argument on elsewhere.
    Tim Ridley

    1. Cheers Tim
      Not sure what I expected - but not this! Still, it's a great drawing and I like the menace of it too. No idea yet how I'll respond...
      Thanks, Katrina

    2. I'm still working on my poem in response to Tim's drawing here. It's taken a direction I hadn't expected, which may or may not be good! I plan to post my response this Friday 6 July, hopefully by lunchtime.
      Cheers, Katrina

  2. Looking forward to where this might be going, animals seem to be a theme we weave in and out of, can't wait to see what Friday might bring.