Friday, 20 July 2012

Round 9: Art


  1. I was particularly interested in the line about the man doing his usual run along the bank, and saw a photograph of a performance of Falstaff.
    The antlers and the bellowing figure summed up my feelings about the line. I have had my cataract operation and colour has returned with full effect, so I have rediscovered my coloured pencils too.

  2. Love this!
    I've been on holiday, so will begin thinking and drafting in response to this artwork, and will respond with a poem on Fri 17 Aug.
    Tim and I will be speaking about 'The Argument' at the Kent arts festival 'Fowle Hall Features' over the weekend of 17-19 Aug.
    Back soon, very best, Katrina

  3. Want to see where Katrina takes this, after our walk on the Lleyn peninsular, we are both fired up for making new work and talking about The Argument at Fowle Hall.