Friday, 17 August 2012

Round 10: Poetry

Speaking with Reindeer

Speech:/ the antler of the mind
(Robert Bringhurst – ‘A Quadratic Equation’)

I admired his cap of antlers –
ideas forking from his scalp,
yet struggled with his voice,
which bellowed like a stag.

They studied his awkward gait,
his upright stance, his lack
of language. And like a preacher,
he didn’t know how to listen.
I wanted to hear what they knew
about the quality of tundra
the taste of cloudburst berries;
what deer feel about snow.

I saw a herd, splodgy brown,
reverse freckles. Unafraid.
They scented me, trotted off –
a force of winter forest –

ideas intact, their knowledge
still out of my grasp. Yet,
like meeting someone famous,
what would I have said?

Katrina Naomi


  1. Hello, this is the last poem in the present series of 'The Argument: Art V Poetry' but we hope to have some exciting news about the project soon. We will keep you posted.
    Thanks for your support and encouragement. Katrina

  2. Dear Tim and Katrina,
    You know how disappointed I was to have missed your talk at Fowle Hall. I just want to write to tell you how riveted I have been to the argument.
    The process of watching it unfold has been fascinating. The strands of your individual and shared history playing out in your respective art forms has created a unique journey....I look forward to more of your work.

    1. Jane - thank you for the feedback and glad you've enjoyed 'The Argument'.
      Very best to you, Katrina

    2. Also Jane, thanks for your comments on the poem 'Jubilee', they are really helpful. Cheers, Katrina